Palpung Kagyu Samten Choling Tibetan Buddhist Centre

Palpung Kagyu Samten Choling Tibetan Buddhist Centre is the first Buddhist centre in the East Cape region.

Around July 2000, Meikle McNab invited Venerable Choje Lama Shedrup to visit Gisborne and give public teachings. It was during and after those public teachings that Choje Lama was asked to form a Buddhist group in Gisborne because Choje Lama felt it was very important to have a dharma centre in Gisborne to help send love and compassion in all directions. Gisborne is an auspicious and significant place, being the first place in the world touched by the rays of the sun from where it shines forth illuminating the rest of the world.

A charitable trust was founded by Ven. Choje Lama Shedrup and over the next 8 years our group rented premises and regularly fundraised with unique events such as auction dinners, concerts and so on. This enabled us to purchase a property – our first permanent centre – in May 2008. The sanghas' earlier request to Abbot Ven. Choje Lama to arrange a resident lama for us was fulfilled when in July 2008 Kenting Tai Situpa kindly sent Ven Lama Lobsang from Palpung Sherabling Dharma Seat to assist our Abbot.

The Gisborne centre has established a dharma library and hosted Rinpoches – high Buddhist scholars, which have been successful in providing Buddhist teachings to our local community.

It is important to go back to the source of this Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. The lineage has been unbroken from Buddha until now. We are very fortunate that the 12th Kenting Tai Situ Rinpoche, the Spiritual Director and source of the Kagyu lineage, has granted us the honour of being part of the Palpung congregation and an official branch of one of the main seats of the Karma Kagyu lineage – that of the Palpung seat.

This centre is for everybody to practice and study in and now has a resident lama and the blessings of Ven Choje Lama Shedrup, 12th Kenting Tai Situ Rinpoche and HH Karmapa.